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LCD Customer Display

• LCD Display

• Supports 34 sets of International Characters

• Innovative hinge design enables easy angle adjustment

• Display adjustable range : 0-355° horizontally, 0-90° vertically

Display Type   LCD Panel
Font Size   8 ×С 16 Dots 
Back-light   WLED
White luminance (Center)   300~350 cd/m²
Interface   RS-232(serial) / USB / BLT4.1
Command Set   LD220, EPSON POS D101, AEDEX, UTC/S, UTC/P, ADM788, DSP800, CD5220, EMAX, LOGIC CONTROL
Character Type   I.   95 Alphanumeric
II.  32 sets of international
Characters: France,
Germany,U.K, Sweden,
Denmark I and II, Italy,
Spain, Japan, Norway,
Slavonic, Russia,
Portuguese, Canadian,
Nordic, Turkish, Greek,
West European Latin,
CP858, CP860, WPC1251,
WPC1252, CP857(Turkish),
Polish, WPC1250, CP852,
WPC1253(Greek), CP866,
CP737(Dosgreek), CP858,
CP864(Arabic), Farsi(Iran)
Simplified Chinese,
Traditional Chinese
Touch Option   N/A
Chassis Color   Black
Power Supply   DC 5~24V
Power Consumption   2.5W
Operation Temperature   0 to 70°C
Storage Temperature   -40 to 80°C
Operation Humidity   0%-90%
Storage Humidity   0%-95%
MTBF   30,000 hrs
Certification   FCC/ CE/ RoHS
Head (W x D x H)   200 W × 77.5 D × 31 H (mm)  
Support (H x Ø)   140 H x 34.5 Ø (mm)
Base (W x D x H)   169.5 W × 98.5 D × 39 H (mm)  
Weight    0.98KGs
Rotation Angle   Vertical 0-90
  Horizontal 0-355
User Manuals
EC-3025 User Manual
Data Sheets
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