EC LINE is a well-known distributor-manufacturer for POS peripheral and retail technology. Subsidiary to EC Line America S.A. DE C.V. in Mexico. EC Line currently became the leading brand in both Hong Kong and Mexico.
Reason to work with EC
Winning and innovative marketing strategy.
Product in wide range and cost effective.
Flexibility and attention to customers' needs.
Special attention to packaging, formats and details.
Puncutuality in deliveries and customer care.
The commitment of EC Line is to provide our customers with customer-oriented service, capability, quality, performance and products completion.
Customer Oriented Service
Provide customers with excellent quality products, fast and reliable service and precise solutions to fulfill their needs and contribute to their success and satisfaction.
Make use of the cutting-edge information technology to the benefit of its customers through constantly improving its skills and knowledge.
Apply high standard of quality both in terms of product and service through innovative processes.
Committed to creation of new values realized in quality products and services through application of proprietary technology and knowledge gained from keeping abreast of the ever-evolving economy.
Products Completion
Innovation for new products to adopt the market trend as to provide the competence abilities for our partners throughout the world.
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